About Us

    I started out in Junior High making belts and began making harness when my folks purchased my first sewing machine. I had a complete shop right in my bedroom. After graduation, I moved the shop into a wagon shed, which is still part of the store today. 
    Our store has good energy; it's artsy, quirky, functional, too small, but always  fun. The store itself has been added onto or major remodeled 6 or 8 times, always with the intent to make it better. My wife, Kristie, and I are not the brightest business people, but we always treat our customers like we want to be treated ourselves.
    My passion in life is the Western saddle. I've been drawing and building them for 45 years and hope to build them for many years to come. Currently, we buy saddles from others makers that fit the need for many. I know a little about saddle fit and share my views with any one wanting to listen. Some day soon I hope to finish my "Saddle Fit Essay," so stay tuned for that.

--Rick Bean