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I am often asked, "Do you still build "normal" saddles, or only saddles that sit in art galleries?"

Well, I don't cut up a lot of leather these days, as our little retail store has expanded several times since opening day, and it consumes most of our time. However, the answer to the question is "yes, I do still build 'normal' saddles." They are somewhat akin to a 'spec saddle.' The base price is $5,000. I sell them at our store in Star, Idaho and here in our online store.

My custom saddle orders these days are reserved for the collector of art. People that buy fine art to hang on their walls and bronze sculptures to display, also buy my custom saddles to fit right in with their other fine art. Custom saddles orders begin at $20,000. I call these saddles "legacy" saddles. I work with the collector to find out what his or her passion in life is, and incorporate that passion into the saddle I create for them. It may be a favorite horse or their favorite western movie, bronc or bull riding scene; or if their second favorite thing in life is hunting, we can incorporate wildlife scenes into the designs.The possibilities are endless.

If you are such a person and are expecting to enjoy life for a few more years, give me a holler and I'll put your name on the books. Estimated time for completion is 3 to 4+/- years, depending on your customization choices. My passion is building fine-art-quality custom saddles that will endure the test of time. Your custom RC Bean saddle will be around for hundreds of years, with proper care. Mixed with your own passion, your saddle will become part of your legacy.

All the best,  RC Bean

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  • I was just wondering about how much it is to fix up a saddle? I have a Leddy saddle that I got at a pawn shop that could use some tlc and heard that this shop would be the best to go to. :)

    Lucinda Angle

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